Hi! My name’s Grant Wythoff. I work at Princeton’s Center for Digital Humanities. I’m co-founder of a cooperative mesh network & digital equity organization called Philly Community Wireless, I edit a journal for experimental research in the humanities called Startwords, and I wrote a book called The Perversity of Things about science fiction’s roots in the 1910s maker movement.

Details on my research and teaching are ↑, a place for pruning in-progress ideas is ↓. More about this website and how I built it can be found in the colophon.




Occasional notes on premodern data & literary history.


Whatever won't fit.

Speculative Fiction

Quantitative approaches to the literature of cognitive estrangement.


Experiments with type & notes on the typographic display of visual information.



Sources for Quality Libre Fonts
Writing with Light in Variable Fonts
Redefining Classical Literature
Data on Narrative Voices in Early Novels
A Running List of Speculative Fiction Datasets
Experiments with Speculative Fiction in HathiTrust
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